When you receive an error about creating a new theme in PowerPoint, this guide is here to help.

Can you create your own theme in PowerPoint?

Themes that have one have four text and background color schemes, six accent colors, and two website link colors. In the Sample section, you can check how the text font style colors look before deciding on a color scheme.

The Difference Between Themes (themes) And Templates In PowerPoint

What you’ll probably also be interested in right now is usually PowerPoint templates. Templates are designs that include content for a specific presentation or purpose. In general, they are similar to PowerPoint themes, but a little more specific. Now, if you’re wondering why you should use your own business templates, you can read about it on our blog Creating PowerPoint Templates

create a new theme in powerpoint

How To Create Start Presentation Presentation

It’s a simple, accepted fact that only one new business, owned by a good prospect, should lose dealers. Okay, this isn’t an exclusive Jane Austen quote, but it’s the most important one. As a young startup, you need more than…


Let’s say your whole family loves the style of the plan, but you also want throws with different color combinations. This is really a problem. You can also mix and match colors, fonts, and effects to help create a unique look for your presentation. If that still doesn’t work for you, you can customize the person’s theme however you like.

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Create Your Own Base Template

In Illustrator, start by adding a document: New File > New. I recommend setting some dimensions to PowerPoint’s standard 10 x 7.5 area or 720 x 540 pixel width in inches, 4:3 conceptual ratio. Also, whether your client needs a 16:9 template, you should or shouldn’t, set a different ratio default sides for PowerPoint.

Lomea Travel – TemplatePowerPoint

Lomea is one of the newest custom PowerPoint themes on Envato Elements. It provides minimal features, layouts, and stunning typography. This custom PPT template contains 30 slides in 16:9 widescreen format. Placeholders for images and information make it easy to customize and edit your PowerPoint PPT web design.

Mistakes You’re Likely To Make …which Could Very Well Be Disastrous

Confession: I thought that guessed everything there was to know about creating PowerPoint templates. I’ve been an interior design professional for almost 20 years and use PowerPoint almost every day to create presentations for my clients.

How do I create a different theme in PowerPoint?

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How do I save a custom theme in PowerPoint?

You can save custom themes to apply to future PowerPoint presentations. This makes it easy to give your presentations a consistent look and feel.

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