You may have encountered an error code indicating that my PC controller is not working. There are several ways to solve this problem, and this is what we are going to talk about now.

Windows sometimes doesn’t recognize your controller due to the overload of devices connected to your computer. Try disabling other Plug and Play devices and see if the problem persists. Also, if you are using the main USB cable, please unplug the entire controller from the USB hub and plug it directly into your computer.

Why isn’t my controller working on my PC?

By default, Windows 10 machines do not back up PS4 controllers. If you are connecting with a USB cable, some Steam games should allow this. This is your first chance to use a PS4 controller on a specific computer and it doesn’t work.

Fix Gamepad Not Working On PC

If your gamepad is not working, your computer may not be recognizing your gamepad. This can happen due to many uses and we will also fix it little by little. Try some preliminary troubleshooting methods first, for example:

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Dualshock 4 Doesn’t Work On PC. You Can Easily Be Sure That You Are Downloading The Coolest Driver.

Restarting your computer after the installation is complete will surely solve your problem. It works at the time of scanningremove obsolete components of your personal device and upgrade to newer versions. In addition to installing this generic USB hub driver and all this instead of a manual, a special driver also helps.

Why Does My Controller Not Work In Steam Games?

Among them Also, one of the Common reasons for your game controller not working properly when playing Steam games on the affected Windows 11/10 PC are faulty or outdated computer drivers. To make sure your controller works with Steam without errors, make sure my PC has the latest drivers.

Why Doesn’t My Controller Work In Warzone?

Start your PC as you can see. a game; in the main menu there are three lines (something similar to a hamburger) in the lower left corner; go ahead and go to Settings > General >; From there, you can usually switch the input device to the controller.

Update Your Windows 11 PC To The Latest Version

The Xbox controller issue may be the result of frustration with Windows 11 (the operating system is still in rudimentary stateyii) or when the latest controller drivers are not compatible with Windows PC (which is slightly behind the latest version of Windows 88). p>
my pc controller is not working

Fix Elden Ring PS4, PS5 And Xbox Controller Not Working

There are many things you can do to fix a broken Elden Ring controller. First, if you’re using other launchers like Epic, it’s great to use Steam’s “Add one non-Steam game to my library” feature in addition to being able to play the game on Steam because the client has a much better controller. than any others in the whole market. You currently have the best experience with Steam. Also imagine a number of other actions that you can perform.

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